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Proclamation! Whereas, the rapidly recurring frequency of rebel raids has caused considerable alarm among the people of this commonwealth, and whereas, their just indignation has been aroused against the traitorous foe ... R. B. da Costa's West Indian Too

Young, Amelia.

Ein vortressliches Mittel gegen die Wassersucht.

Ein vortressliches Mittel gegen die Wassersucht. : Nimm 4 Quart klarer süsser Seider, ... Neues Mittel wider Auszehrung. ...

Dr. C.W. Kierstead's unrivalled remedy, the King of All Pain! : The great internal & external medicine, ... You will find full directions in the German and English languages, how to use the King of All Pain, on the inside wrapper of each bottle. ... Sold

Pfarrer Mennigs Chur fürs wilde Feuer. : Wild Feuer, flieh, flieh, flieh. Der rothe Faden jagt dich hie. ... / Geschrieben von George Mennig.

[Advertisements for proprietary medicines prepared and sold by Thomas Hollis, druggist and apothecary, 23 Union Street, Boston, Mass.]

[Advertisements for proprietary medicines manufactured and marketed by the Egyptian Drug Co., of New York, N.Y.]

[Materials relating to Renne's Pain Killing Magic Oil, manufactured and marketed by Wm. Renne & Sons, of Pittsfield, Mass.]

[Advertisements for proprietary medicines marketed by Dr. A. Snyder, of Newville, Herkimer County, N.Y.]

[Advertisements for proprietary medicines marketed by W. Gilmore & Son, of Pavilion, N.Y.]

Dr. O. Phelps Brown's acacian balsam, renovating pills, magic assimilant ethereal ointment, with full directions for use. Herbal remedies.

Doctor Laroch's von Paris, ächte Pillen für die rhumatischen Uebel, &c.

Doctor Laroch's von Paris, ächte Pillen für die rhumatischen Uebel, &c. : Das schäzbarste Hülfsmittel fur Rhumatismus, rhumatische Gicht, scorbutische Umstäde, &c. Auszug ans einem Brief des Doctoren Laroche in Paris, an den Doctor M. Lechleitner in Lanca

Circular to the trade. : Office of B.L. Judson & Co. 106 Franklin Street, New York. On and after March 26th, 1864, the prices of the following articles will be: ... The large advance in prices of all things used in the manufacture of the above articles re

"A slight cold," coughs, hoarseness, or sore throat, : which might be check with a simple remedy, if neglected, often terminates seriously. Few are aware of the importance of stopping a cough, ... "Brown's Bronchial Troches" were first introduced in the y

Brown's Vermifuge Comfits, or Worm Lozenges. : Much sickness undoubtedly with children and adults, attributed to other causes, is occasioned by worms. ... / All orders should be addressed to the Curtis & Brown Manufacturing Co., (Limited.) Nos. 215 & 217

Dr. Hooker's medicines. : J.T. Webber & Co., druggists and apothecaries, No. 7 State Street, Springfield, Mass. Proprietors of Dr. Hooker's Cough and Croup syrup, Solidified Balsam and Liquid Balm. Dealers in patent medicines, cooking extracts, perfumery,

Drugs and medicines. : F.L. Allen, wholesale and retail dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, dye stuffs, perfumery, camphene, burning fluid, &c., No. 33 State-Street, New-London, Conn. ... Phoenix Guano, from McKean's Island. ... Combined Guano, ...

Eighteen 100 sixty 1. Multum in parvo. Read this carefully before laying it aside! : As you will find something that will interest, and possibly benefit you. The people of France, Germany, Prussia, and other states of the Old World, have used Rosenberger'

Pocket calendar : describing Hunnewell's Universal Cough Remedy Hunnewell's Tolu Anodyne Hunnewell's Eclectic pills / For sale by P. Fritcher, druggist and apothedcary Fonda. N.Y.

[Advertisements for proprietary medicines marketed by R.W. Robinson & Son, wholesale druggists, of New York, N.Y.]

Paints and drugs, for cash. : 162 Broadway, just below Courtlandt St. "The cash drug house," P.D. Orvis. Notice. Your are respectfully requested to put this circular in your memorandum book and call at my establishment, conveniently located in Broadway, j

Hubbel & Co.'s Celebrated Golden Bitters. The best tonic in the world. : By tonics are understood those substances the operation of which is to give vigor and strength to the system. ... This tonic is no humbug, but is in fact the best in the world. ... /

Keuchen Cura. An old Dutch remedy for coughs and colds [graphic].

Dis yer misery makes dis chile done gone mournin orful! orful! No. 18 cured this gempleman thanks to massa Hartshorn. [graphic].

[Postcards, bank drafts, and invoices relating to G.G. Green, manufacturer of proprietary medicines, Woodbury, N.J.]

[Scraps for the year 1830] [graphic] / Designed etched & published by D.C. Johnston.

Finnerty's, the champion of all root beer extracts, 15c. per bottle. 106 Market Street [graphic].

Ayer's cathartic pills. (The country doctor) [graphic].

Fairbank's rock cordials, positive cure for all lung disorders [graphic].

Scrapbook with periodical illustrations, comic valentines, and patent medicine advertisements

[Collection of advertisements and other promotional materials relating to proprietary medicines manufactured by the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Company, of Lynn, Mass.]

U. S. B. M. Dockstaders. US BM black mail. Charles and Lewis Dockstader, Carncross' Minstrels, Eleventh St. Opera House, Philadelphia, Pa. [graphic].

The follies of the age, vive la humbug!! [graphic]

North side of Chestnut St., extending from Sixth to Seventh St., 1851. [graphic] / B.R. Evans del.

North side of Chestnut St., extending from Sixth to Seventh St., 1851. [graphic] / B.R. Evans del.

[Scrapbook with periodical illustrations, comic valentines, and patent medicine advertisements]

[Collection of prescription forms.]

[Scrapbook with linen pages] [graphic].