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Philadelphia Exchange. [graphic] / From nature & on stone by Geo. Lehman.

Merchants' Exchange. [graphic] / Lith of J. T. Bowen.

Merchants' Exchange. Philadelphia. [graphic] / MOC ; Lith. of J. T. Bowen.

[Merchants Exchange, Philadelphia]



Merchants' Exchange. [graphic].

Merchant's Exchange, [143 Third Street]

Merchants' Exchange, Philadelphia.

Merchants' Exchange.

Girard College; Merchant's exchange

Merchant's Exchange

Exchange, Phila. Pa.

Merchant's exchange.

Merchant's exchange.

Philadelphia Exchange

[Philadelphia Exchange]

[Merchants' Exchange, 143 South Third Street, Philadelphia]

Panorama of Philadelphia.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House steeple. East.

Philadelphia Exchange.

The Exchange.

Exchange, Philadelphia.

The Exchange, Philadelphia.

Merchants' Exchange, Philadelphia.

Merchants' Exchange. Philadelphia.

Peter S. Duval, lithographer

[Merchants' Exchange, Philadelphia]

Illustrated Philadelphia. Vincit qui se vincit. Vol. IV. [graphic] / Collected from fugitive sources only by Chas. A. Poulson.

View of the city of Philadelphia, and its principal buildings.



Philadelphia, western & southern trade journal. Illustrated supplement