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ASSU Illustration 3460

ASSU Illustration 7820

[Tradecard for S. Drapers' Uncle Tom's Cabin]

Geo. W. Nock, locksmith, bell hanger and silver plater, 142 N. Fourth Street, Philadelphia.

[The Universal Plow Company, Canton, Ohio]

[A. J. Chauveau trade cards]

You're to the soldiers quite a flunkey

Sine's tar, wild cherry, and hoarhound. Turkish ladies' noontime amusement, while gathering herbs for Sine's syrup of tar, wild cherry and hoarhound.

You’re Awful Nice!

I as soon would wed

B.M. Weld, drugs & medicines, also boots, shoes, slippers, etc. Bradford, Vermont.

Noix de coco, manufactured by Warner & Merritt, Philadelphia.

[St. George Pharmacy trade cards]