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ASSU Illustration 3460

ASSU Illustration 7820

[Tradecard for S. Drapers' Uncle Tom's Cabin]

Geo. W. Nock, locksmith, bell hanger and silver plater, 142 N. Fourth Street, Philadelphia.

[The Universal Plow Company, Canton, Ohio]

[A. J. Chauveau trade cards]

You're to the soldiers quite a flunkey

I as soon would wed

You’re Awful Nice!

B.M. Weld, drugs & medicines, also boots, shoes, slippers, etc. Bradford, Vermont.

Sine's tar, wild cherry, and hoarhound. Turkish ladies' noontime amusement, while gathering herbs for Sine's syrup of tar, wild cherry and hoarhound.

Noix de coco, manufactured by Warner & Merritt, Philadelphia.

[St. George Pharmacy trade cards]

Use Dunham's concentrated cocoanut [graphic].

Use Dunham's concentrated cocoanut [graphic].