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Sam Morris at fork of roads in [Crescent] park, Sea Girt, [NJ] [graphic].

Falls at Swiftwater, [Poconos, PA] near house with Sam[uel Buckley Morris] [graphic].

Copy of a cabinet photo of Sam [B. Morris], taken 4 mo. 1885 [graphic].

Copy of cabinet photo of Sam taken 4 mo. 1885 [graphic].

Charley Rhoads & Sam melting bullets at Sea Girt, [NJ] [graphic].

On Flirtation Walk, West Point [NY]. Sam [Morris] in foregr[oun]d [graphic].

View on Flirtation Walk, [with Samuel Buckley Morris], West Point, [NY] [graphic].

Pool below overflow looking to the S., [Samuel B. Morris, Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Sam Morris in Cedar bower Avocado, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Turtle Rock, [Catskills, NY] [graphic].

[Dirt path in woods with Elliston Perot Morris and possibly Samuel Buckley Morris] [graphic].

Below Haines Falls, [Catskills, NY] with Sam[uel Buckely Morris] [graphic].

In the woods at Swiftwater, [Poconos, PA] with Sam[uel Buckely Morris] [graphic].

Thalatta sailing on Wreck pond. Sam [B. Morris] in stern. Bow on. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Thalatta sailing on pond, stern view, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Big rock on Overlook Mt. Sam [Morris] by rock. [Catskills, NY] [graphic].

Schuylkill front of Bartram House from N., Sam in foreground, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Dirt path in woods,possibly Crescent Park, with Elliston P. Morris and Samuel Buckley Morris] [graphic].

Schuylkill Front of Bartram House from N. [Sam in foreground] [graphic].

Sam Morris in carriage in Crescent Park, Sea Girt, NJ [graphic].

Sam Morris coming up path in back yard, Avocado, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Geo. Morris, Bessie & Sam playing tennis at SG [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Group in Jerry's boat, Sallie Letchworth, Sam, Bessie & Maud Noble, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Charles James Rhoads & Sam[uel] B[uckley] Morris in backyard, 5442 [Germantown Avenue, Deshler-Morris House] [graphic].

Father and Sam taking up boardwalk on beach, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[Group on Overlook Mt. Ann Emlen, Mary Emlen, Elliston P. Morris, Samuel B. Morris, & Martha C. Morris]. [Catskills] [graphic].

Creek below mill with boat. B[ess] C. M[orris], T[heodore] W[illiam] R[ichards] & S[am] B. M[orris], [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Group on Overlook Mt. A[nn] E[mlen], M[ary] E[mlen], E[lliston] P. M[orris], S[amuel] B. M[orris], & M[artha] C. M[orris], [Catskills] [graphic].

Boat on creek, near where boat with Howell was taken last, near T[heodore] W[illiam] R[ichards], S[amuel] B[uckley] M[orris], B[ess] C[anby] M[orris]. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Group in meadow at Allaire, N.J. 1884. [Father, Mother, Bessie, Sam, Anne & Mary Emlen] [graphic].

Bathing group No. 2. Sallie H. L. [possibly Letchworth], M. N. [possibly Maud Noble], B[ess] C. M[orris], S[am] B. M[orris] & M[arriott]. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Group on beach, Anna, Carrie & Chas. Rhoads, Bessie & Sam. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Group at Allaire, [NJ]. Father, Mother, Bessie, Sam, Anne & Mary Emlen [graphic]

Bridge over [Mana]squan River at Allaire, [NJ]. [Sam & A(nne) Emlen in foreground] [graphic].

Group. Ellie & Anna Rhoads, Bessie & Sam [Porch of Deshler-Morris House, 5442 Germantown Avenue] [graphic].

Group in porch steps. Father, Mother, Uncle W[illiam Canby], Harry [Henry Mathews Canby], Marriott C., Bessie & Sam. [Avocado, Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[Group in porch steps. Father, Mother, Uncle William Canby, Henry Mathews Canby, Marriott C., Bessie & Sam, Avocado, Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].