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Smith, Mary Ellen, -1849.

Lucian Hall murdering Mrs. Lavinia Bacon

Hendrickson, Maria Van Deusen, 1833-1853

Jewett, Helen, 1813-1836.

Expiring moments of the unfortunate Mrs. Watkins.

Dreadful tragedy.

James Bishop beating his wife

Streeter in the act of murdering his wife.

Caswell, Berengera Dalton, 1828-1850.

Andrew Hellman murdering his wife

Hamilton, Mary W., -1833

Gang of lawless villains throwing Mary C. Rogers, from the Cliff at Hoboken into the Hudson River, where she perished, July 25th, 1851

Murder of Mrs. Elizabeth Topping, by her husband Thom. Topping, at 88 Orange-street, on New Year’s day, 1842.

Murder of Mrs. Adams, by her husband.

Alexander Anderson and Henry Richards in the act of murdering