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Kiss me mother, kiss your darling.

How are you conscript? / words & music by Frank Wilder.

The rebels retreat, or, The double quick from Yorktown.

Zouaves battle march: op. 88; composed by Wm. Dressler.

American national songs for the Union.

Grand national medley.

Beautiful isle of the sea.

The great Know Nothing song, "I don't know."

Jesus Lied.

The great Know Nothing song, "I don't know." / By Francis F. Eastlack. Air--Bow, wow, wow.

Jesus Lied.

Song of a thousand years: solo and chorus; words and music by Heny C. Work.

The union forever : patriotic song & chorus / written & composed for Miss Ada Webb by Will S. Hays.

Grandpa's music lessons.

The Settlement Music School postcards.

Shaw, Charlotte.

Fant, Mary A.

Smith, Georgiana.

Major R. Anderson's grand march : op. 1312 / Ch. Grobe.

Weeping, sad and lonely, or, When this cruel war is over; words by Charles Carroll Sawyer; music composed and arranged by Henry Tucker.

The song of the "contrabands" "O let my people go" : words and music obtained through the Rev. L.C. Lockwood, chaplain of the Contrabands at Fortress Munroe / arranged by Thomas Baker.

Jenny Wade, the heroine of Gettysburg / words by Albert G. Anderson ; music by Rudolph Wittig.

Song of the Negro boatmen at Port Royal, 1861. / Poetry by J.G. Whittier, Esq. ; Music by H.T. Merrill, author of "Take your gun and go John."

Sabbath School Handkerchief

The Music Teacher.

The Musical Negro.

Jefferson Davis in prison : song; words by Rev. J. Barker; music by Alfred Schmidt.

Gen. Sigel's grand march / by T. J. Martin, author of Persifer Smith's march..

Funeral march to the memory of Abraham Lincoln, the martyr president.

The dying soldier, or, Mother come & see me ere I die.

Open every night with a first-class company. : Admission only 10 cents to all parts of the theatre.

O, Susanna! : Das bekannte Lied eines verliebten Negers.

Tuning up [graphic].

Plan of fair for the Soldiers & Sailors Home. Academy of Music, Philadelphia. October 23 to November 4, 1865. [graphic] / F. Bourquin, Chesnut St. 602.

[Proof of membership certificate for a choral society, probably German- American society]

Academy of Music postcards.

Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!, or, The prisoner's hope. : Song and chorus. / By Geo. F. Root.

Is our banner still advancing: song & chorus; words by John H. Lozier; music by C.M. Currier.

Good bye, Jeff! : song & chorus by P.P. Bliss.