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Church of the Intercessor, Philadelphia. (Protestant Episcopal.) Spring Garden Street, below Broad, Philadelphia. [graphic].

[First Baptist Church, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Central Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia [graphic].

First Baptist Church, Philadelphia.

The First Baptist Church, n.w. corner of Broad and Arch Streets. Philadelphia. [graphic].

Christ Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Church of the Epiphany.(Protestant Episcopal,) n.w. corner of Chestnut and Fifteenth streets, Philadelphia. [graphic].

[Arch Street Presbyterian Church interiors, 1006 Arch Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Saint James' Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Saint Andrew's Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

West Arch Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Saint Peter's Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Trinity Church. (Protestant Episcopal.) Catherine Street, between Second and Third streets. Philadelphia. [graphic].

Church of the Holy Trinity, (Protestant Episcopal,) southwest corner of Walnut and Nineteenth Streets, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Saint Luke's Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].