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George Hunt Pendleton, 1825-1889 [graphic].

Who shall be vice-president? Shall he be a loyal or a disloyal man? : Past experience shows that the choice of vice-president of the United States is almost as important as that of president. In case the latter dies or becomes unable to perform the duties

War Democrats : if you elect McClellan and Pendleton, and M'Clellan then dies, what will become of the country with George H. Pendleton as its chief magistrate?

The Union M'Clellan & Pendleton! : Hon. Josiah Randall, of Philadelphia, Hon. Henry P. Ross, S.L. Roberts and N.C. James will address the Democratic and conservative citizens this evening, Wednesday, September 21st, in the Court House at the ringing of th

M'Clellan & Pendleton One flag & one country : The Central Democratic McClellan Club, in accordance with the wishes of the people, have fixed upon Wednesday, November 2, at 10 o'clock, A.M., for holding a grand mass meeting, in Doylestown, to which they c