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Penn R. R. Office

Bird's eye view, Centennial buildings. 1876. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

Bird's eye view Philadelphia, from LaPierre House.

[Chestnut Street, west from Ninth Street, north side, Philadelphia]

[The Fisher House. Formerly No. 110 now 226 South Front Street. [graphic] : The residence of Saml. R. Fisher - where he deceased. His son (only) Thomas then occupied the house where he died, on Tuesday morning, Feby 12th 1856. The house is remarkable from

Photographic Views of Philadelphia's New City Building

Views of construction of New City Building, Philadelphia, John McArthur, Jr., architect.

Photographic views of New City Building

[Looking east on the 1600 block of Market Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

The Game of Philadelphia Buildings Flashcards

The game of Philadelphia buildings