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[Blockley Baptist Church interior, 525-553 North 53rd Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Blockley Baptist Church interior, 525-553 North 53rd Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Baptist Church, West Philadelphia [graphic].

Central Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia [graphic].

First Reformed Presbyterian Church, Broad Street between Spruce and Pine streets, Philadelphia [graphic].

Interior view of the tabernacle of the Alexander Presbyterian Church, Rev. Alfred Nevin. D.D. Pastor. N. E. corner of Nineteenth and Green streets. Philadelphia.

St. Marks Church Philadelphia.

Church of the Intercessor, Philadelphia. (Protestant Episcopal.) Spring Garden Street, below Broad, Philadelphia. [graphic].

[First Baptist Church, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Central Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia [graphic].

Church of the Redemption, north west corner of 22nd and Callowhill Streets, Philadelphia.

Interior view of the new church of St. Joseph Philada. (Founded 1733 - Enlarged 1821 - Rebuilt 1838 - Consecrated 1839.)

[St. Clement's Protestant Episcopal Church interior view, southwest corner of 20th and Cherry Streets, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

First Baptist Church, Philadelphia.

Church of the Covenant.(Protestant Episcopal) Filbert Street, above Seventeenth Street, Philadelphia. [graphic].

The First Baptist Church, n.w. corner of Broad and Arch Streets. Philadelphia. [graphic].

[First Independent Church, northeast corner of Broad and Sansom streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Saint Mark's Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Saint Michael's Church, (Protestant Episcopal,) High Street, between Main and Morton streets - Germantown, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Seventh Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Church of St. Charles Borremeo. Philadelphia, Pa.

Interior of church, Old Swedes'.

Interior of St. Malachy's Church, Philadelphia, Pa.

Church of St. Vincent de Paul, Germantown, Phila. Pa.

Cohocksink M.E. Church.

Church of the Epiphany.(Protestant Episcopal,) n.w. corner of Chestnut and Fifteenth streets, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Centennial anniversary of the Lutheran Church, southeast corner 4th and Cherry streets.

Interior views of unidentified churches, including an Episcopal and Moravian church.

Christ Church.

[Arch Street Presbyterian Church interiors, 1006 Arch Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

First United Presbyterian Church, southwest corner of Broad and Lombard streets, Philadelphia [graphic].

Old Swedes' Church, Philadelphia [graphic].

Saint James' Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Saint Andrew's Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

St. James the Less. [graphic] / M.P. Simons, 1320 Chestnut St. Philadelphia. Landscape and portrait photographer.

St. James the Less.

Saint John's Lutheran Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

[St. Malachy's Church, 1429 North 11th Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Saint Paul's Church. (Protestant Episcopal.) Third Street, between Walnut and Spruce sts. Philadelphia. [graphic].

West Arch Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Interior of St. Mary's Church Philadelphia Penna.

Interior of St. Philip Neri Church. Philadelphia, Penna.

West Spruce Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Saint Peter's Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Trinity Church. (Protestant Episcopal.) Catherine Street, between Second and Third streets. Philadelphia. [graphic].

Church of the Holy Trinity, (Protestant Episcopal,) southwest corner of Walnut and Nineteenth Streets, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Saint Luke's Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Saint Stephen's Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].