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Recruits wanted for the independent company Corn Exchange Guard! : For the defence of the state! Head-quarters: Corn Exchange, 2d St. above Walnut / Capt. B. Lloyd James.

$[blank] Philadelphia, [blank] 1862. Samuel L. Ward, 811 Market Street, treasurer of the Corn Exchange Regiment Fund, : pay to the order of [blank] [blank] /100 dollars. Attest, [blank] [blank] Chairman, [blank] Secretary, of the executive committee.

Corn Exchange Regiment. : $160 bounty Young, active, able-bodied men wanted at once to fill the Corn Exchange Regiment. Pay, rations and uniform from the day of enrollment. $10 extra bounty paid to each recruit as soon as he is accepted. / Apply to Captai

Corn Exchange Regiment. : Col. Charles M. Prevost. $160 bounty! $85 before leaving the city. Recruits wanted for this popular regiment! Apply at recruiting stations, No. 138 Walnut Street, No. 808 Market Street. / Dendy Sharwood, Capt. Co. C., recruiting

Corn Exchange Regiment, of Philadelphia. : This it to certify, that [blank] has been regularly enlisted and sworn in as a member of Company B. Corn Exchange Regiment, 118th Penn'a Volunteers. Residence, [blank] Family, [blank] [blank] Colonel. [blank] Cap

[Corn Exchange, Union Avenue, the Great Central Fair, Philadelphia, 1864]