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South view. Looking towards Navy Yard, Southwark and Moyamensing.

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard [graphic] / Lith. of J. T. Bowen.

League Island postcards.

[Humane Society of Philadelphia]

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House steeple. South.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House Steeple. South.

Monitors, League Island, Philada.

The iron steamboat, R. F. Stockton.

Ho! for the ironclad ship! : The yard will be open for visitors on Friday & Saturday. The launch will take place at noon, Saturday, May 10th, 1862. Passengers can take the 2d & 3d Street passenger cars. Exchange tickets are sold by all connecting roads.

Monitor Terror, Philadelphia.

Naval Shipyard, League Island, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Philadelphia Navy Yard. [graphic].

Ordinance Dept. Phila. Navy Yard.

Monitor Terror.

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Construction of airplane hangars

What the employees of the Philadelphia Navy Yard have done for the Great Central Fair, : (held in Philadelphia, June, 1864.) / Extra of the Committee on "Labor, Income and Revenue." Special acknowledgement. Office of the Committee on Labor, Income and Rev

Vertical views of Municipal Stadium, Naval Shipyard on League Island and environs, South Philadelphia.

Souvenir of the coldest winter on record. Scene on the Delaware River at Philada. during the severe winter of 1856.

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Philadelphia. The birthplace of liberty. Official souvenir view book Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition [graphic] / Copyrighted by John D. Cardinell, official photographer and publisher.

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Philadelphia, western & southern trade journal. Illustrated supplement