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Bear pits.

The bear pits, looking south.

The monkey house from the south.

Zoological gardens, Philadelphia.

The Monkey House.

The aviary.

Philadelphia Zoo Photograph Album

Residence of John Penn, Colonial Governor, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

Dining room, Zoological Garden.

[White deer exhibition, Zoological Gardens, Philadelphia]

In the goat-carriage at the "zoo" Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Zoo photograph album

Eagle house

"Solitude," (Penn Villa.)

Vicuna, (Lama, Vicugna.)

Vicuna, (Lama, Vicugna.)

Giraffe, (camelopardalis giraffa)

[Grey wolf, (canus occidentalis)]

Bruchall's zebra.

"Solitude," from the bear pits.

American elk, (cervus canadensis.)

American elk, (cervus canadensis.)

Giraffe, (camelopardalis giraffa.)

Giraffe, (camelopardalis giraffa.)

Solitude in Pennsylva. belonging to Mr. Penn [graphic] / Drawn engraved & published by W. Birch Springland near Bristol Pennsylva.

Biddle, Mary Hosack Rogers, 1847-

Photograph album

[Photographic Society of Philadelphia's Chesapeake & Ohio Canal excursion, May 21-29, 1882 album]