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Fair The children of Mount Vernon, : intend opening a fair on Monday, November 3d, 1862, in the Manayunk Engine House for the benefit of the sick & wounded soldiers.

Rules for bummers.

Horticultural Hall, Broad and Walnut Street. Amateur Minstrels, Monday evening, March 28th, 1864. : Programme. ... Doors open at 7 P.M. Performance to commence at 7 1/2. Admittance, 25 cents. Reserved seats, 25 cents extra.

Lecture. : "Our glorious country, the United States, foretold in the Holy Scriptures," clearly delinieated, described & located, / by Prof. Strowbridge, chaplain from the United States Army. Proceeds for the sick, wounded and destitute soldiers. The profe

Do not forget to go and hear J.E. Murdoch's great patriotic address! : For the benefit of the sick & wounded soldiers and their families, Thursday eve'ng, Aug. 13 at the Academy of Music!

Season ticket.--20 cts.

Constitution of the Christian Association of Freemansburg and Vicinity, : (auxiliary to the United States Christian Commission). Adopted April 3d, 1864. ... The object of this association shall therefore be to promote the spiritual as well as temporal wel

In aid of the sick and wounded soldiers. : Concert by the Harmonia Musical Society, Musical Fund Hall, Tuesday evening, April 1st, 1862. The Cantata of Ruth, and miscellaneous music will be presented. Tickets fifty cents each.

Rules and regulations Citizens' Volunteer Hospital, : Broad & Washington Streets, Philadelphia. ... / By order of the committee on management of house.

Plan of fair for the Soldiers & Sailors Home. : Academy of Music Philadelphia October 23. to November 4. 1865 ...

Ware, Harriet, 1799-1847.

Van Ness, Marcia, d. 1832.

Catalogue of fancy and miscellaneous goods, : articles to be sold at auction at the fair building of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, (Logan Square,) on Saturday, July 2d, 1864, at 3 o'clock, p.m. Terms,--cash on delivery. Sale in Union Avenue.

Fair in aid of the sick & wounded soldiers, : will be held in Bromley's Hall, Baker and Mulberry streets, Manayunk, to commence on Tuesday, the 11th of Nov., and continue until Saturday afternoon, the 15th.

Children's fair in aid of the sick & wounded soldiers. : Tickets, five cents