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C.C. Whitenack, commercial photographer, 1944 N. Camac Street, Philadelphia

O. E. Kirchhoff, photographer. No. 527 & 529 Chestnut St., cor. 6th.

Broadbent & Taylor, artists and photographers, 914 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

James A. Consterdine, crystal ivorytype artist, 124 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia.

From W. & F. Langenheim's talbotype and daguerreotype establishment Exchange 3rd story, rooms 25-27 Philadelphia.

[Unidentified photographer in field with view camera] [graphic].

Broadbent & Phillips : photographers, 1206 Chestnut St., Philada.

F. Keeler, daguerreotype and stereoscope rooms, No. 276 Market Street, above Eighth, S. side, Philadelphia.

O. B. De Morat, photographer, No. 2 South Eighth St., Philadelphia.

R. Newell & Son, 633 Arch St., Phila. Equipped for outside and indoor photography.

P. Edw'd Chillman & Co., photographers, 18 South Eighth Str., Philadelphia.

[William Harvey Doering taking a photograph from the Strawberry Mansion Bridge, Philadelphia.]

[Unidentified African American man in militia uniform] [graphic] / Cheston's 227 Lombard St., between 2d and 3d, Philadelphia.

[S.E. corner of South and Second streets] [graphic].

Views of Loudoun & Stenton Album

[American Legion parade, Broad Street, Philadelphia, August 30, 1949]

Views of Loudoun and Stenton, residences of Maria Dickinson Logan and her brother, Albanus C. Logan, Germantown, Philadelphia

[Gutekunst and Haldt family cased photograph collection] [graphic].

Ches[t]nut Street, [west from 13th Street], Philadelphia