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M'Clees & Germon, daguerreotype rooms, S.E. corner of Chestnut and 8th Sts., Philadelphia. :

C.C. Whitenack, commercial photographer, 1944 N. Camac Street, Philadelphia

O. E. Kirchhoff, photographer. No. 527 & 529 Chestnut St., cor. 6th.

From W. & F. Langenheim's talbotype and daguerreotype establishment Exchange 3rd story, rooms 25-27 Philadelphia.

James A. Consterdine, crystal ivorytype artist, 124 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia.

Broadbent & Taylor, artists and photographers, 914 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

[Unidentified photographer in field with view camera] [graphic].

Chamberlain, William

Photographs! Photographs! Photographs! With all the latest improvements. : The subscriber would respectfully inform the citizens and soldiers of Chestnut Hill and vicinity, that he has located the excelsior sky and side-light photograph and ambrotype car

William H. Rau, president. Photographers for the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Rau Art Studios, Inc., photographers, 238 South Camac St., Philadelphia.

F. Keeler, daguerreotype and stereoscope rooms, No. 276 Market Street, above Eighth, S. side, Philadelphia.

Broadbent & Phillips : photographers, 1206 Chestnut St., Philada.

Langenheim, Frederick, 1809-1879

[William Harvey Doering taking a photograph from the Strawberry Mansion Bridge, Philadelphia.]

R. Newell & Son, 633 Arch St., Phila. Equipped for outside and indoor photography.

P. Edw'd Chillman & Co., photographers, 18 South Eighth Str., Philadelphia.

O. B. De Morat, photographer, No. 2 South Eighth St., Philadelphia.

Sharp Mountain scenery, Schuylkill County, Pa.

[E. & H.T. Anthony trade cards]

[Portrait of an unidentified young woman holding a daguerreotype.]

[Unidentified African American man in militia uniform] [graphic] / Cheston's 227 Lombard St., between 2d and 3d, Philadelphia.

Schaffer, Mary J. S., 1861-1939

Peale, Titian Ramsay, 1799-1885

Views of Loudoun & Stenton Album

Metropolitan Fair, April, 1864. : The Executive Committee would call the attention of the public to the photographic studio, Station 77 (3d story, over the Furniture Department), under the management of Messrs. Gurney & Son, who are prepared to make carte

Explorations West of the 100th Meridian. Expedition of 1872, Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler, Com'dg.

Views of Loudoun and Stenton, residences of Maria Dickinson Logan and her brother, Albanus C. Logan, Germantown, Philadelphia

[S.E. corner of South and Second streets] [graphic].

[American Legion parade, Broad Street, Philadelphia, August 30, 1949]

Refrigerators. N.B Stevens, 43 Kilby Street, Boston. [graphic].

Photography under a cloud.

[Gutekunst and Haldt family cased photograph collection] [graphic].

Ches[t]nut Street, [west from 13th Street], Philadelphia

Photographing the Baby

Georgine E. Upshur Willis collection