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[Children playing on wagon chassis.] [graphic].

[Uncut sheet of four chromolithographs of children and animal scenes]

While using children's elastic knee protector.

[Group fishing and sailing toy boats along the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia.]

Grandfather's visit. [graphic].

[Redfield residence, 211 Upland Way, Wayne, Pennsylvania] [graphic].

The young housekeepers.

The happy family going to market.

[Group in a courtyard, probably London] [graphic].

A. Singer, gent's, ladies', misses' and childrens, fine shoes, 104 N. Second St., Philadelphia.

[Boys playing ball, probably London] [graphic].

"The Palace," 323 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Next door to "Fidelity." Imported & domestic segars, meerschaum goods and smokers' articles.

[James S. Loag trade cards]

Lavine, Hartford Chemical Works, 30 Union Place. Try Lavine for washing.

Patapsco baking powder.

M.T. Hess, successor to D.L. Page, manufacturer of fine confections, no. 918 Arch Street, Philad'a.

[Cooper & Conard trade cards]

The sick dolly.

The sick dolly.

Babies for throwing at. On beach, Jersey Wash Day, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[Boy and girl with dog, Sea Girt] [graphic].

Putting the shot, G[ermantown] B[oys] C[lub] playground [graphic].

[Janet Morris playing on a porch], Sea Girt, NJ

Janet Fall of 1911, Ensignette 1912 [graphic].

Negro children in America [graphic].

Happy birthday [graphic].

[African American boy and white girl on a candy stick seesaw] [graphic].

[Janet Morris playing], Sea Girt, NJ [graphic].

[Janet Morris playing], Sea Girt, NJ [graphic].

Elliston P. Morris Jr. 6706 Cresheim Rd., Pelham [graphic].

A correct view of the City of Philadelphia on the Delaware River as it appeared on 25th of January 1852.

Thomas M. Harris & Co.

Solar Tip Shoes

Cottage of W.H. Gatzmer, at Tacony

Maison Doree, No. 8 South Broad Street, Philadelphia. W.A. Clawson.

[The Old Continental Clothing Manufacturing Company trade cards]

Sine's tar, wild cherry, and hoarhound. Turkish ladies' noontime amusement, while gathering herbs for Sine's syrup of tar, wild cherry and hoarhound.

[Wm. Gunzer trade cards]

[G.A. Schwarz trade cards]

The beginning and the end of life (hold the picture 1 foot away for life and 20 feet for death.) Presented by William Deering & Co. Chicago, Ill. Grain & grass machinery.

[Walter S. Taylor, with tennis rackets, on lawn of Mount Equity, Pennsdale, Pa.] [graphic].

[Bertha T. Webster, standing near a man in a hand stand, Mount Equity, Pennsdale, Pa.] [graphic].

The Camden & Atlantic Railroad. The short and popular route to Atlantic City.

[Garden with decorative urns, children playing]

[B.T. Babbitt's Best trade cards]

[Interior of a playroom with Elliston P. Morris, Jr. on a rocking horse and Marriott C. Morris, Jr. seated on a chair] [graphic].

[Elliston Perot Morris Jr. with sailboat, Sea Girt] [graphic].

Janet playing with sand box, S[ea] G[irt] [graphic].

Janet playing with sand box, S[ea] G[irt] [graphic].

[Boy with rake, 131 W. Walnut Lane] [graphic].