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ASSU Illustration 6470

ASSU Illustration 6443

[Dwelling with portico and belvedere cupola.]

[Woman standing on steps near open porch of dwelling.]

A brown study

[Unidentified older African American woman on shanty porch]

Logan House Porch, Altoona

[Six columned portico of unidentified building, with clock tower in the distance.]

[Jane L. Webster, with "The Aunties" on the porch of a residence, Lownes Clovercrest Farm, Springfield township, Pa.] [graphic].

Unidentified residences, Pennsylvania.

[Jane L. Webster, with group, on the porch of a residence, Lownes Clovercrest Farm, Springfield township, Pa.] [graphic].

[Potted plants on a shaded porch] [graphic].

Horticultural Building - portico.

Massachusetts State Building.

New Hampshire State Building.

Portico of Horticultural Hall

Missouri State Building.

Connecticut State Building.

Wisconsin State Building.

Michigan State Building.

Illinois State Building.

Mammoth Grape Vine in Santa Barbara

[Group portrait with Al Lindsay and Catharine Rupp Doering on porch of unidentified house.]

[Four women, including Jane Lownes Webster, sitting on the porch, Lownes Clovercrest Farm, 321 West Woodland Avenue, Springfield, Pa.] [graphic].

A free lunch.

Canadian cheese factory.

Horticultural Building West Front

[Bertha Taylor Webster sitting with an umbrella on the porch of Mt. Equity, Pennsdale, Pa.] [graphic].

[Stockton Hotel,] Cape May, N.J.

[58 Good Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Portico of Centennial Photographic Company's Building

Maryland State Building.

[Lydia Webster sitting in a baby carriage in front of 4834 Penn Street, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

[African American woman nursing a baby on a porch in the presence of a man.]

Views at De Silverwood. Near Holmesburg, Pa.

Aunt Phebe at Mcaboy's, Polk Co. North Carolina [graphic].

Aunt Phebe, Mcaboy's, N.C. [graphic].

Uncle Jimmie, Beaufort, S.C. [graphic] / Photographed by Wilson & Havens, Savannah, Ga.

[Residence, with Webster family portraits on porch] [graphic].