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From Porter's great American shoe store, 242 N. 8th St., Philadelphia.

[White woman being carried on a candy stick by a white man jockey and an African American man] [graphic].

[Four African men carrying a white man in a sedan chair] [graphic].

Indian Queen Hotel. [graphic].

[Strawbridge & Clothier trade cards]

Coming home.

Lobby, Hotel Walton, Phila, Pa. Lukes & Zahn, prop[rietor]s.

Indian Queen Hotel.

No. 15 South 4th St., 1831.



Edwin C. Burt, fine shoes. Presented by Chas. T. Croft, Little Falls, N.Y. [graphic].

Edwin C. Burt, fine shoes [graphic].

Kendall M'f'g. Co. Providence. R.I. French laundry soap [graphic].