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She fastened the door with a skewer.

The political barber.

Finding the bird's nest.

"I don't care for signs."

Guess - who is it?

Dolly's wash-day.

"Is that tooth mine?"

Open your mouth and shut your eyes.

[Girls feeding a bird]


First of April.

Giving gas.

Extracting teeth.

[Two young women in an embrace]

Apples. Two for 5 cts. sir.

The young housekeepers.

Preparing for school.

Grandpa's music lessons.

The happy family going to market.

The misfortunes of a sweet tooth.

A pleasant evening at home.

When a man's married his trouble begins.

"Be patient, dear; don't swear."

Love on a tub.

Les pilules du Diable.

[Musicians playing in a field]

Kitchen courtship.

Views of a wedding ceremony.

McCarthy's wake.

Vacation pastime.

"Deed Child's, I's didn't know you was dare." [graphic].

The sick dolly.

The sick dolly.

The new woman barber.

"Dar boss, how's dat?" [graphic].

"Have dinner at one dear."

"Dem brats done gone and stole dat melon." [graphic].

Mr. & Mrs. Turtledove's new French cook.