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[Bethlehem Presbyterian Church, Broad and Diamond Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Bird's eye view of Philadelphia, showing the river.

Olivet Presby. Church, 22nd and Mount Vernon Sts.

The old First Independent Church corner Broad and Sansom streets. Rev. John Chambers, pastor.

Tabor Presbyterian Church, s.w. corner of Christian & 18th Sts. Philadelphia. Erected A.D. 1863.

Second Presbyterian Church, city of Philada. Founded 1750. Enlarged 1809.

Wylie Memorial Church, Broad & Spruce streets, Philadelphia [graphic].

Rev. Jno. Chambers Church, N.E. cor Broad & Sansom Sts. [graphic].

Independent Church Dr. Chambers, Broad and George St. [graphic] / Photogh. McClees.

Pine Street Church. Built A.D. 1764. Remodeled 1857.

Trinity Presbyterian Church, corner Cambria St. & Frankford Ave.

[Pine Street Church. Built A.D. 1764. Remodeled 1857]

The Calvary Presbyterian Church, Locust Street, - Philadelphia.

First Presbyterian Church, Southwark, Phila.

[First Reformed Presbyterian Church, Broad Street between Spruce and Pine streets, Philadelphia]

[Broad and Oxford Streets, Philadelphia]

Locust St. east from Sixteenth.

Princeton Presbyterian Church, Phila.

Fourteenth [sic] Presbyterian Church. N. west corner of Schuylkill Seventh and George Sts. Phila.

The second Presbyterian church. And the burial grounds belonging to it, and that of the first Presbyterian church. On the southwest corner of Pine, and Fourth Street, as recently altered and improved. [graphic] / Frederick De B. Richards.

7th Presbyterian Church, Broad Above Chestnut [graphic].

Central Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia [graphic].

Central Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia [graphic].

First Reformed Presbyterian Church, Broad Street between Spruce and Pine streets, Philadelphia [graphic].

Broad Street Independant [sic] Church, Philadelphia.

Second Reformed Dutch Church. [graphic] / John H. Sherwin, del.

St. Paul's German Lutheran Church. N. East, corner of Brown and St. John sts., Phila.

Central Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia [graphic].

Seventh Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Second Reformed Dutch Church [commemorative print]

West Arch Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

First United Presbyterian Church, southwest corner of Broad and Lombard streets, Philadelphia [graphic].

N.W. & N. E. Chelten Ave. & Main St., Post Office & 1st Presbyt. Church.

High Street, with the First Presbyterian Church. Philadelphia, 1800.

West Spruce Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Photographic Views of Philadelphia's New City Building

Photographic views of New City Building