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Thomas Sinex, book and job printer, : 619 Jayne Street, between Chestnut and Market and Sixth and Seventh, Philadelphia. Cards! Cards! Posters, labels, bill-heads, circulars, &c., &c.

Franklin Book & Job Printing Establishment, : rear of 52 No. Sixth St. Philadelphia. Newspaper, book and plain & fancy job printing. / Wm. S. Young, proprietor. There are now but two parties in this country, the friends and the enemies of the government.

Maas & Vogdes, job printers, [N.E.?] corner of Second & Chestnut Sts., over Corn Exchange Bank.

[David Heston, Frankford, Philad'a]

Commercial lithography of Theo. Leonhardt & Co., 324 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

[Harris, card & job printer trade cards]

Familton & Chemin, fancy job printers, 337 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Auner's printing office, No. 110 North Tenth Street, above Arch, Philadelphia.

Routes of the two parades by the soldiers and sailors, Friday, October 2d, 1868.

J. Hoover, pictures and frames, 628 Arch St., Philadelphia.

Jacob Haehnlen's lithographic & fancy printing establishment, No. 125 South Third Street, directly opposite Girard Bank, Philadelphia.

[Specimen sheet for Theodore Leonhardt & Son, Commercial Lithographers 922 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA.]

Lehman & Bolton. Steam power lithographic & letter press printing rooms. Nos 418, 420 & 422 Library Street. Opposite Post Office.

G.T. Stockdale, printer, 117 South Second Street, Philadelphia.

Conner's cheap printing office, corner Fourth & New Sts., below Vine, Philadelphia.

Compliments of Burk & M'Fetridge, printers & lithographers, 304 Chestnut, Philadelphia.

Hurrah! for Thayer's Printing House, 805 Sansom Street, above 8th, Philada.

Stein & Jones, printers & lithographers, no. 320 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

[Familton & Rogers trade cards]

William Mann, stationer, blank book maker, steam-power printer & lithographer, 529 Market & 526 Commerce Sts., Philadelphia.

L.N. Rosenthal. Lithographic office, removed to N.W. cor. of Fifth & Chestnut Sts. Philadelphia.

Geo. S. Harris & Sons, printers, engravers, lithographers, 718, 720, 722 & 724 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Geo. S. Harris & Sons. Printers & lithographers. Nos. 718, 720, 722, 724 Arch St. Philadelphia.

Sample of clown cards 4 designs, assorted colors. Published by Thos. S. Dando, 307 Walnut St., Philad'a.

Thos. S. Wagner, formerly Wagner & McGuigan lithographers, Franklin Place, no. 38. Lithography in all its branches.

[Sunshine Publishing Company, 423 Chestnut Street, basement Philadelphia Bank.]

Young and Woodward Business Papers, 1789-1826 (inclusive).

Macdowell, engraver and printer, 1028 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

[Chestnut Street, above Third] [graphic]

Chestnut Street, above Third. [graphic] / Photographed by Bartlett & French, Phila.

Third Street, below Chestnut. [graphic] / Photographed by Bartlett & French, Phila.

Lithographic and letter press printing. Lehman & Bolton, Goldsmiths Hall, Library Street, opposite post office.

[Joseph Hoover trade cards]

International Exhibition. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. 1876.

Coggins & Harbach, No. 36 North Eighth St., Philadelphia.

Stein & Jones, steam power printers & lithographers, no. 321 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Lehman & Bolton, lithographers, printers, engravers & publishers, 418, 420, 422 Library St., Philadelphia.

Reen & Trump, manufacturers of metal show cards for brewers, etc. 14 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia.

Walter W. Bragg, printer. Fine gift & bevel edged card a speciality [sic].

Compliments of Ketterlinus Printing House. Philadelphia.

Geo. S. Harris & Sons, printers, engravers, lithographers, 718, 720, 722 & 724 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Our flag--may it forever wave!

Lehman & Bolton, printers, publishers, [and] lithographers, 418, 420, 422 Library St., Philadelphia.

[Joseph P. Mickley trade cards]