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Grand patriot meeting and flag raising! Lincoln, Johnson & victory! : The citizens of the Fifteenth Ward are invited to assemble in mass meeting, on Tuesday evening, October the 25th, 1864, at Ridge Avenue and Sixteenth Streets. Come! and shew by your pre

23d Ward McClellan Troop! Attention!. : The troop will assemble at Jas. Mullen's, Frankford on Saturday evening, Oct. 1st, 1864, at half-past 6 o'clock, for the purpose of attending the Democratic mass meeting at Branchtown. The Democracy are invited to p

Attention!! Citizens of the second precinct of the 24th Ward : will meet at the precinct house of B. Sharp, Market Street, west of 43d Street, in obedience to the proclamations of Gov. Curtin and Mayor Henry, on Wednesday evening, the 10th instant, at hal

Rally Democrats! And stand by the Constitution! : A mass meeting of the Democratic citizens of Philadelphia, will be held on Monday evening, June 1, 1863 at 8 o'clock, in Independence Square! To consider and express their opinions upon the arbitrary arres

Mass meeting! To avoid the draft! : Citizens of Philadelphia rally in your might! Assemble in Independence Square! On Saturday evening, October 25th. And adopt measures to promote enlistments in the 157th Regiment, Penna. Volunteers. Philadelphia City Gua

To arms! To arms! A meeting of the citizens of the ward, : at the Odd Fellows' Hall this evening, at 8 o'clock and to-morrow, Sunday afternoon, at 2 1/2 to raise 2 companies of volunteers, for the defence of the state, and provide means for the families o

24th Ward! Fellow citizens! : Come one, come all, in support of the Union and our glorious old commonwealth. A mass meeting under auspices of the Union League in West Philad'a, will be held at the Commissioners' Hall! 37th and Market Streets, on Thursday

13th Ward! : The citizens of the ward will meet at the Washington Hall Spring Garden Street, above Eighth, Monday eve'ng, Feb 8th, 1864, to hear the report of the committee to whom was referred the raising of the ward's quota! Without reference to a draft

"Rally 'round the flag, boys!" : A meeting of the citizens of the 14th Ward will be held at Spring Garden Hall, Wednesday eve'ng, Jan. 6th, 1864 at half-past 7 o'clock, to take measures to fill our quota!

Citizens of 3d Ward To the rescue To the rescue : A mass meeting of the citizens of the 3d Ward, will be held at the House of Industry Catharine Street above Seventh. On Monday, March 7th, 1864, at half-past 7 o'clock, for the purpose of adopting measures

Fifth Ward attention! Avoid the draft : At a meeting of the citizens of the Fifth Ward, held on Thursday evening, 26th inst., the following named gentlemen were duly authorized to receive and collect money to pay bounty to recruits under the president's l

Notice! : A meeting of the citizens of the 4th prec., 24th Ward, will be held at the house of John Cruise, West Falls of Schuylkill, on the evening of [blank] for the purpose of forming a military organization, in accordance with the proclamation of the g

Grand celebration of the organization of the National Union Club of Philadelphia! : The executive committee of the National Union Club having directed the Committee on Meetings to make arrangements for celebrating the anniversary of the organization of th

Union mass meeting! : The friends of the government of the United States, and supporters of the national and state authorities, without regard to party distinction, will assemble in mass convention at Chester! On Thursday, October 8th, in the afternoon an