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A female negro slave, with a weight chained to her ancle [sic] [graphic] / Bartolozzi sculpt.

All men born free and equal? [graphic].

[Whip and paddle] [graphic].

Negres de traite en voyage [graphic] / Buttura del. ; Lalemont sculp.

Implements of torture, and their dangerous effects illustrated.

[Middle passage: instruments of restraint and torture] [graphic].

Whipping with the paddle, as witnessed by the author [graphic].

Modes of punishing slaves [graphic].

[Instruments of torture] [graphic].

[Methods and instruments of restraint, plate II] [graphic].

[Methods and instruments of restraint, plate III] [graphic].

[Head-frame and mouth-piece used to restrain slaves] [graphic].

[Sampson, a West Indian slave] [graphic].

[Rise and progress of abolition ; Instruments of bondage and torture]

[Log-yokes used by the Mandingoes to restrain slaves.] [graphic].

[Slave at work with head-frame] [graphic].