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The Fop.

A Jolly Old Maid.

Little dandy, don't suppose.

Phillipps, Adelaide, 1833-1882.

Sighing for a Wife.

To a Bachelor.

The Old Bachelor.

Oh! For a Husband.

Old Bachelor.

Cushman sisters

Wearing the Breeches.

Never Had a Beau.

To a Vain Old Maid.

Wearing the Breeches.

Woman's Rights.

Bailey, Anne Hennis, 1742-1825

Stephens, Ellen.

Wearing the Breeches.

Foul-Mouth'd Woman.

M’Dougald, Elizabeth, b. 1796.

Bateman sisters

The End of Old Maids.

The One That Wears the Breeches.

An Old Granny.

Old Maid.

Waiting for an Offer.

Tom-Boy Girl.

St. Clair, Sally.

Johnson, Sophia, b. 1798.

Gannett, Deborah Sampson, 1760-1827

Emma, as a sailor, captured on the high seas

Emmons, Elizabeth, 1817-1841.

The new woman--wash day.

Mr. & Mrs. Turtledove's new French cook.

Woman's Rights.

Would-Be Woman.

A Cavalry Dandy.

A Fancy Soldier.

Old Maid.

You think your style is just the thing

Harmoneons Carolina melodies arranged for the piano forte.

Is yo' sho' lady when I wears dese stockings I won' fin' ma laigs all black.

[Finale of an unidentified theatrical production]

[Procession of Poor Richard Club members down Locust Street, Philadelphia]

[Charles J. Webb Company float during a parade along a Philadelphia street]

[Scrapbook with periodical illustrations, comic valentines, and patent medicine advertisements]