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Wrestling for a bride, Dahomey, Africa. [graphic].

[Incomplete set of "Series C" of "Hidden Book Titles" rebus puzzle card game] [graphic].

Happy contraband [graphic].

J. Smith, manufacturer of fine cigars, and dealer in tobacco, snuff, pipes, &c. 720 West Dauphin Street, near 4th and 8th Sts. depot, Philadelphia.

Children of all nations. A series of 50. [graphic].

[Morgan & Headly trade cards] [graphic].

Some of our brave colored boys who helped free Cuba. [graphic].

FacSimile of the revolutionary flag, A.D. 1774. [graphic] / Lithographed by A. Hoffy.

The Inasmuch Mission

The Inasmuch Mission [graphic] / Frank H. Taylor.

A Chinese laundry in Philadelphia [graphic].

[View of the Centennial Machinery Hall with people from all nations] [graphic].

Véritable extrait de viande Liebig. [graphic] : La case de l'oncle