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Ein nagerin, ein nager

"Doing business on a small scale"

Two little nigs

The trombone soloist. [graphic] / William H. Rau, photographer, Philad'a., Pa.

A study in chocolate

[African American boy playing soldier] [graphic] / Th. Nast.


Old Black Joe. Dan Bryant.

We uses pears soap fo' de complexun

The travelled monkey - wiser & sadder. [graphic] / JML.

[Caricature of a laughing African American man]

[Caricature of a laughing African American man]

Three black crows

Future rulers of Florida U.S.A. [graphic].

"How do debble does dey make a bicycle?" = Como diablos se hacen los bicírculos? [graphic].

"Wish you'd hush"

"Dar boss, how's dat?" [graphic].

A "corner in cotton." [graphic].

"Does you love me hun?" [graphic].

Joyous birthday [graphic].

Cartes de visite reproductions of "Campaign Sketches" [graphic] / [Designed and drawn on stone by Winslow Homer]

Sketches for the Washington Races in October 1840

B.M. Weld, drugs & medicines, also boots, shoes, slippers, etc. Bradford, Vermont.

[Eagle Starch Enamel Manufacturing Co., Frankford, Phila., Pa.]

Dan Bryant.

Reed's, for clothing, furnishings, hats, shoes, 918-920-922 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Joseph L. Varnam, ladies' and gents' & children's boot & shoe maker, Bustleton, 23rd ward, Philad'a.

Customer. "Rather cool weather Pete, for a close crop like that." Pete. "Can't help it Boss---the proprietor says long hairs gits in de wittles." [graphic].

New transfer picture-album offering a collection of fine transfer pictures and the direction how to fix them [graphic].

A new song suitable to the season, to the tune of good English beer. [graphic]

Leadbeater's renouned [sic] stove polish.

He dreamt dat from away off thar de angels sent him news. He 'woke and found it was Dunbarr dat sent dem bully shoes; 60 N. Fourth St. Philadelphia.

Go Way White Trash

The adventures of a conscript as told by himself. [graphic].

Congressional surgery legislative quakery. [graphic] / A., Del.

Congressional surgery legislative quakery. [graphic] / A., Del.

[Armand Dalsemer trade cards]

Mechanical target and gun. Mutual Novelty Manufacturing Co., 813 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

[Simian circus rider atop a galloping horse] [graphic] / Anness.

Scent to the legislature. [graphic] / Andrews, Del.

Bathsheba at bath.


Atmore's mince meat and genuine English plum pudding.

High art and elegant clothing. Merchant tailor misfits, 400 South Eighth St., first door bel. Pine. Private house. Please ring the bell.

F. Pulaski & Co., 1026 Chestnut St.

"Creme" oat meal toilet soap.

[Frederick A. Rex & Co. trade cards]

Mr. T.D. Rice

L. S. Plaut & Co., 715, 717, 719 Broad St., Newark, N. J.