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North from Landsdowne Terrace.

[Trolley car at 69th and Market Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Henry Brenster driving a horsecar, Fifth & Sixth Street line, Sixth and Jackson Streets, Philadelphia.]

Memorial Hall.

Elevated railroad, Fortieth Street Station, Philadelphia, Pa.

Delaware Avenue elevated railroad postcards.

Elevated railroad at 69th Street station postcards.

A plan for the regulation of cars stopping at crossings.

West Park Trolley Station postcards.

Interior of elevated car, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Jackson Street and Mifflin Street electric trolleys, with drivers and passengers.]

Near east park, Phila. [graphic] / A. Kollner, fect.

[Steam dummy, with crowd, near Frankford Dummy Depot, Frankford Avenue and Arrott Street, Philadelphia.]

Elevated railroad bed postcards.

"All Aboard!" car on Philadelphia and West Chester Trolley.

Elevated railroad from 32nd Street, West Philadelphia postcards.

Ninth and Market streets - Philadelphia.

S.E. corner of 22nd & Green Sts. Philada.

Guns in front of Gov't B'l'd'g.

Elevated railway, Centennial Grounds.

Works, East Schuylkill Falls. Powers & Weightman, manufacturing chemists, Philadelphia. Established 1818.

Porter ale and lager beer brewery at Fountain Green of Engel & Wolf

[J.H. Davis driving a horsecar out of a carbarn, Fifth & Sixth Street line, Fifth & Jackson Streets, Philadelphia.]

[John Davis driving a horsecar out of a carbarn, Fifth & Sixth Street line, Fifth & Jackson Streets, Philadelphia.]

[Steam dummies, Fifth & Sixth Street line, with crowd]

Crown Can Company plant, vicinity of I Street and Erie Avenue, Juniata Park, Philadelphia.

Powers & Weightman manufacturing chemists Philadelphia

Train entrance of the Philadelphia subway, Front & Arch Sts. [sic], Philadelphia, Pa.

St. James Church. West Philada.

Eli Hess' Penn Steam Marble Mantel Manufactory, Coates St. above Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia.

Powers-Weightman-Rosengarten Co. Works, East Schuylkill Falls. Powers & Weightman, Manufacturing Chemists, Philadelphia. Established 1818

Bird's eye view, Centennial buildings. 1876. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

[Hennigar's Photo Studio and Ye Old Dummy Depot, 4700 Frankford Avenue.]

Centennial opening - the orators. 1876.

Street cars, Philadelphia.

F. & L. Ladner's Military Hall. No. 532 North Third St. Philadelphia.

Heintz Manufacturing Company plant, Olney Avenue and Front Street, Olney, Philadelphia.

Construction of airplane hangars

Pennsylvania and Reading Railroad terminus on the Delaware River, vicinity of Lehigh Avenue and Richmond Street, Port Richmond, Philadelphia.

St. Agatha's Church Philadelphia, Penna.

Merchants' Exchange. Philadelphia.

Overbrook High School.

Boger and Crawford textile mill, vicinity of J and Venango Streets, Nicetown-Tioga, Philadelphia.

Market St. looking east from Schuylkill