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The Soldier's prayer book, or Dick and his pack of cards. : Showing how a soldier named Richard Middleton, was taken before the mayor of a city, and tried for using cards in church during divine service. Being a droll, merry, and humorous account of an od

Gray, James

Beasley, Frederick

Wilson, James P.

Washburn, E. A.

Demme, Charles R.

Ely, William

Caldwell, Sallie Kitchen, 1831-1855

Garrett, Eliza Clark, 1805-1855.

[Scrapbook of prints]

Entered apprentice. Fellow-craft. Master mason.

Helffenstein, Albert, 1788-1869

Rector of St. Paul's Church

Alsop, Othniel, 1770-1836

Fifth Baptist Church

Evans, William

Church of the Covenant

Dillwyn, George, 1738-1820

Norris, William H., 1801-1878

Pemberton, John, 1727-1795

Wheeler, Charles, 1784-1851

North, Caleb

Emlen, Samuel, Jr., 1730-1799

Thorpe, Mary W.

Methodist Episcopal Union Church

Duffield, George, 1818-1888

Luddards, William, 1802-1883

Blackwell, Robert

St. Jude Church, Spring Garden

Flake, Jacob, 1797-

Eckard, James R.

Eckard, Leighton W.

Thompson, M. la Rue P.

Ware, Mary L. (Mary Lovell), 1798-1849.

Wentworth, Anna M., 1829-1855.

Scudder, Catherine H., 1825-1849

Sears, Angeline Brooks, 1817-1848.

Seton, Elizabeth Ann, Saint, 1774-1821.

Newell, Harriet, 1793-1812.

Hill, Frances Maria, 1799-1884.

Hoffman, Virginia Hale, 1832-1856

Dwight, Elizabeth Barker, 1807-1837.

Dean, Theodosia Ann Barker, 1819-1843.

Dow, Peggy, 1780-1820.

Blackwell, Antoinette Louisa Brown, 1825-1921.

Winslow, Harriet L. (Harriet Lathrop), 1796-1833.

York, Sarah Emily Waldo, 1819-1851.

Perkins, Judith Grant, 1840-1852.

Page, Anne R. (Anne Randolph), 1781-1838.

Pinkham, Rebekah P. (Rebekah Porter), 1792-1839.