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National Union ticket. 14th Ward. 14th Ward.

Sixth Ward Union men assemble to-night! : October 8th, 1864 in Cherry St. bet. Third and Fourth, to join the great Union parade! Lanterns and badges will be furnished. / By order of John G. Butler, chief marshal.

Union ticket! Protection to American industry.

Congress, 3d district, Leonard Myers!

National Union Candidat für Congress Dritter Distrikt Leonard Myers.

15th Ward National Union ticket : For president, Abraham Lincoln For vice president, Andrew John Electors. Morton McMichael ... Be careful and examine you tickets.

Vote for representative, Fourteenth District, Alex'r Cummings.

National Union nominees. : For Congress, Chas. O'Neill. For Representative, first district, Wm. Foster.

National Union ticket : For president, Abraham Lincoln For vice president, Andrew Johnson. Be careful and examine your tickets. Electors. Morton McMichael, ...

Lincoln, Johnson and victory! Rally! Rally! : Grand Union mass meeting! At Oxford, Chester Co., Pa.

National Union ticket 13th Ward! : For president, Abraham Lincoln. For vice-president, Andrew Johnson. Electors. Morton McMichael, ...

Freeman, Chapman

Read, John M., 1797-1874

How free ballot is protected. [graphic] / J.E. Baker, del.

The rail candidate. [graphic]

"The nigger" in the woodpile. [graphic]

To a Black Republican.

"Your plan and mine." [graphic]

The two platforms. [graphic]

The black Republicans at their devotions. [graphic]

The great Republican reform party, calling on their candidate. [graphic]

Red hot Republicans on the Democratic Gridiron. "The San Domingo war dance." [graphic] / J. Cameron.

The precarious situation. [graphic]

The precarious situation. [graphic]

Republican platform, or the political montebank. [graphic]

The Salt River gazette---extra, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 1867. [graphic]: The Great Negro Party--born, 1856--died Oct. 8, 1867.

An heir to the throne, or the next Republican candidate. [graphic]

"The irrepressible conflict" or the Republican barge in danger. [graphic]

The man that blocks up the highway [graphic].

Fate of the radical party. [graphic] / JAL; Am. News Co. Agent N.Y.

Political caricature no.3. The abolition catastrophe, or the November smash-up. [graphic]

The great November contest. Patriotism vs bummerism. [graphic]