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[Cumberland Street east of 26th Street.]

[Edmund Street looking south from Friendship Street, Tacony, Pa.]

[West side of 18th Street north of Columbia Avenue.]

[Fifth Street north of Allegheny Avenue.]

[Southeast corner of 52nd Street and Hazel Avenue.]

[Fifty-sixth Street north of Girard Avenue.]

[Green Street west of 19th Street.]

[K Street west of Kensington Avenue.]

Mt. Airy Ave. & Chew St., Mt Airy, Philadelphia.

[East side of Pulaski Avenue south of Logan Street.]

[Seventh Street south of York Street.]

[Cambridge Street.]

West Spruce Str., Philadelphia, Pa.

[Bouvier Street south of Columbia Avenue.]

Pelham Road, Germantown.

West Spruce Str., Philadelphia, Pa.

Leiper St. south from Gillingham St. Frankford.

[Van Pelt Street, south of West York Street.]

[900 South 60th Street, West Philadelphia.]

Penn Street looking north, Germantown Pa. postcards.

Wayne Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Rockland Street near York Road.]

The little homeless one or "no one to kiss me good night"

[South side of Gordon Street west of 30th Street.]

Twin houses, Green St. Philadelphia.

[Unidentified street.]

[West side of Fifty-second Street north of Jefferson Street.]

Jonathan Evans' House, 322 Union Street, now DeLancey. [graphic].

Bladen's Court, looking south and out to Elfreth's Alley, Philadelphia, Pa.

Chesnut [sic] St. east from Nineteenth.

[Chestnut Street east from Nineteenth Street, Philadelphia]

22d and Green Sts., Philada.

E. S. 18th St. N. of Spruce.