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Philadelphia Riding School

O. E. Kirchhoff, photographer. No. 527 & 529 Chestnut St., cor. 6th.

5434 Germantown Ave., home of Jno. Ashmead, father of Capt.. Albert Ashmead. [graphic].

5434 Main St. Home of John Ashmead.

5430 Germantown Ave. Home of Captain Albert Ashmead of the American Army. [graphic].

5430 Main St. Home of Capt. Albert Ashmead.

Pony riding, Camp Emlen, Norwood, Montg. Co., Pa. Conducted by Wissahickon Boys Club, Germantown, Phila.

["It leads them all." The Sunday Item.]

Peters Island, Fairmount Park, Philada. [graphic] / A.K.

Schuylkill River above Fairmount Dam, Philada. in 1843. [graphic] / A.K. 1878.

Masonic Temple. New Masonic Hall, Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

Fashions by S.A & A.F. Ward spring & summer No. 62 Walnut Philada. 1852.

Compliments of R.C. Geddes, rubber goods, 316 Market St. & 716 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Over.

[Older African American man seated on donkey]

Laurel-Hill Cemetery.

Laurel-Hill Cemetery

[White woman being carried on a candy stick by a white man jockey and an African American man] [graphic].

The Start [graphic].

In danger [graphic].

The Start [graphic].

In danger [graphic].

[African American man riding a donkey] [graphic].

[African American man holding on to a bucking donkey] [graphic].

Fashions for fall and winter 1853-4 by S. A. & A. F. Ward, no. 62 Walnut St. Philadelphia, Pa.

Philadelphia Exchange

Summer scene in the country.

[Sunday in the Country]

Grand masonic march

St. Paul's German Lutheran Church. N. East, corner of Brown and St. John sts., Phila.

[Sternberger's old reliable feather, mattress and bed clothing depot trade cards]

Cornelius, Baker & Co. manufacturers of lamps, chandeliers, gas fixtures etc.

Cornelius & Baker, manufacturers of lamps, chandeliers, gas fixtures, etc. Manufactories: No. 181 Cherry St & Columbia Avenue & 5th St, Philadelphia. Store, 176 Chestnut Street.

Church of Our Lady of the Visitation, cor. Lehigh Ave. and Leamy St. Philadelphia Pa.

St. Agatha's Church Philadelphia, Penna.

Rolling cigarette.

The house intended for the President of the United States, in Ninth Street Philadelphia [graphic] / Drawn & Engraved by W. Birch & Son.

[Artist's study of detail from Second Street north from Market St. wth. Christ Church. Philadelphia.]

John Baird, steam marble works, Ridge Road above Spring Garden St. Philadelphia.

Go to Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart's for the lowest prices in dry goods & notions, 442 & 444 Penn Street, Reading, Pa. [graphic].

Colburn's Philadelphia mustard [graphic].

A happy new year [graphic].

View of Chestnut Street Philadelphia.

[P. Madeira trade cards]

St. Ann's Church Philadelphia, Pa.

United States Hotel Chesnut [sic] Street, Philadelphia.

Use Dannemiller's Cordova coffee, in 1 pound papers, because it's the best [graphic].

Standard java, Chase & Sanborn, Boston [graphic].

Plates from "Sketches supposed to have been intended for Fanny Kemble's journal"

Second Street north from Market St. wth. Christ Church. Philadelphia [graphic] / Designed & Published by W. Birch Enamel Painter 1800.

Second Street north from Market St. wth. Christ Church. Philadelphia [graphic] / Designed & Published by W. Birch Enamel Painter 1800.