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5618 Girard Ave. [graphic] / Parker & Mullikin Photographers, P.O. Box 275, Upper Darby, Pa.

Brick row house next to alley, Philadelphia.

[Frame rowhouses, East Thompson and East Columbia Streets, Fishtown, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

[McKinley's Court, west from 516 North Second Street, Philadelphia]. [graphic].

[Row houses, Philadelphia]

North side of Green St. east of 22nd, Philadelphia.

Pine St. from 17th to 18th.

Guard house, entrance to Fairmount Park.

Laundry drying behind row homes, Philadelphia.

A quaint cute old house on Race St. bet. 2nd and 3rd [graphic].

Frame houses and an odd skyline at Thompson St. and Susquehanna Ave. -- Kensington, Phila. [graphic].

[Row houses, Cherry Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Row houses along north side of Cherry Street, between 2nd and 3rd Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Lantern Lane [graphic].

From Willings Alley to Spruce Street, east side of Fourth Street. [graphic] / B.R. Evans.

[Three row houses in Irish neighborhood at 2nd and Noble Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[St. Albans Place, between Fulton and Clymer, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Frame houses next to Manayunk canal, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Portico Square. [graphic] : Philadelphia High School for Young Ladies 6 Portico Square. M. Rosienkiewicz, del.; On stone by George Lehman.

Portico Square.

Portico Square.

Court off Ellsworth St. No. side E of 10 St. [graphic].

[Row houses, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Stone foundation at construction site and rear of row houses, Philadelphia] [graphic].

5307 Haverford Ave. [graphic].

412 S. 23rd St. [graphic].

[Office of surveyors Clement B. and John H. Webster, 4534 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

[933 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

727 N. 11th St. [graphic].

Marble Terrace, West Philadelphia.

Locust St. east from Sixteenth.

Alirene Mills textile plant at Frankford Creek, 1200-1300 Adams Avenue, Frankford, Philadelphia.

Crown Can Company plant, vicinity of I Street and Erie Avenue, Juniata Park, Philadelphia.

Abrasive Company, James and Fraley Streets, Wissinoming, Philadelphia.

Walnut Street Theatre, Philada.

Elfreth's Alley, looking west towards Second Street. Philadelphia, Pa.

[Broad and Oxford Streets, Philadelphia]

S.E. corner of 22nd & Green Sts. Philada.

The Bible Christian Church, 3rd St., above Girard Avenue, Phila., 10/77.

[Behind row houses in Italian and Syrian neighborhood at 10th and Ellsworth Sts., Philadelphia]. [graphic].

1815 Delancey Place, Philadelphia

924 W. Girard Ave. [graphic].

Heintz Manufacturing Company plant, Olney Avenue and Front Street, Olney, Philadelphia.

Tioga Steel & Iron Company plant, Grays Avenue and 51st Street, Kingsessing, Philadelphia.

Leeds and Northrup Company plant, 4901 Stenton Avenue, Nicetown-Tioga, Philadelphia.

Boger and Crawford textile mill, vicinity of J and Venango Streets, Nicetown-Tioga, Philadelphia.

Residence & property of James Holgate, n. w. cor. Lehigh Ave. & Eleventh St. Philadelphia, Pa.

New Olney High School, N. Phila.

Overbrook High School.

[McKinley's Court, west from 516 North Second Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].