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ASSU Illustration 7146

From Porter's great American shoe store, 242 N. 8th St., Philadelphia.

[Four African men carrying a white man in a sedan chair] [graphic].

The White Turtle & the Red Crab of Philadelphia.

[Domestic Sewing Machine Co. trade cards]

The Bijou Music Hall! No. 607 Arch Street, next door below the theatre. The people's favorite place of amusement. : Harry Enochs, sole proprietor Billy Boyd, stage manager J. Nosher, musical director Andrew Enochs, ticket agent Officer, A. Lake Another br

Not very like a whale but very like a fish. Seventh Ward Promenades. [graphic] /. A. Shad

"Wes don got de "Domestic," we has!" [graphic].

"Wes don got de "Domestic," we has!" [graphic].

A foot-race. [graphic]