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Philadelphia group statuary. The Wolves.

The wolves, Landsdown [sic] Drive.

The Rodin Museum.

[Roof of Post Office, 9th Street between Market and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Philadelphia Zoo Photograph Album

[Forebay at Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia]

["Diana" statue at Fairmount Water Works]

Victoria Court, Australian Sec. M.B.

The Water Babies.

[Stone statue of a man holding rearing horse]

[Stone statue of seated man with reclining head]

Ag[ricultural] Hall, the fountain.

Philadelphia Zoo photograph album

["Diana" statue at Fairmount Water Works] [graphic] / M.P. Simons, 1320 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Landscape and portrait photographer.

Rodin Museum postcards.

Market Square from Ebele's side door, [Germantown] [graphic].

Terra cotta ware, Portugese [sic] sec.


[Christmas display in grand court of John Wanamaker department store, Philadelphia) [graphic].

Kiralfy's Alhambra Palace, Philadelphia. The illuminated gardens.

[Statue of Diana at Fairmount Water Works]

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

Gardel Memorial, Mt. Vernon Cemetry.

View in park

Memorial Hall Annex, Am. Dept.

[Gent's collars exhibit.] Union Avenue.

Interior views of Franklin Institute Exhibition, 1874.