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[Unidentified fountain]


Minerva as Patroness of American Liberty

Philadelphia group statuary. The Wolves.

The wolves, Landsdown [sic] Drive.

[Interior view of unidentified hall with plants, sculptures, and chandeliers]

Memorial Hall.

Dome - Memorial Hall.

The Rodin Museum.

Vue panoramique du parc pres du Cercle International

Jardin central. Groups de statues (No. 16)

[Statue of William Tell Altdorf-Switzerland] [graphic].

[Unidentified commercial interior, possibly dealer of glass and fancy goods, Philadelphia]

[Roof of Post Office, 9th Street between Market and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Statue: "Out in the rain".

Statue: "Vanity".

Selections from Russian section - Main Building.

Silver and bronzes, Russian section - Main Building.

Main Building - Northwest.

Miss Foley's Marble Fountain, Horticultural Hall

Philadelphia Zoo Photograph Album

Bronzes d'art, le Charmeur de serpents.

Parc Francais, la galvanoplastic.

The Water Babies.

Public Garden.

[Marble carvers in their workshop sculpting cherub figures and caryatids for Entresol floor of the Pennsylvania capitol building.] [graphic].

Rotunda. [graphic].

[Kneeling Youth, George Grey Barnard, from south statuary group, on display in marble workshop, France] [graphic].

[Marble yard of George Grey Barnard] [graphic].

[Grand staircase in Rotunda, with "aspiration" angel of light figure] [graphic].

[Entrance doorway to entresol, Pennsylvania State Capitol building, Harrisburg, Pa.] [graphic].

Rotunda. [graphic].

Grand staircase with figures of "aspiration" angels of light. [graphic].

Victoria Court, Australian Sec. M.B.

[Stone statue of a man holding rearing horse]

[Stone statue of seated man with reclining head]

Philadelphia Zoo photograph album

Market Square from Ebele's side door, [Germantown] [graphic].

Rodin Museum postcards.

["Diana" statue at Fairmount Water Works]

["Diana" statue at Fairmount Water Works] [graphic] / M.P. Simons, 1320 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Landscape and portrait photographer.

[Forebay at Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia]

Ag[ricultural] Hall, the fountain.

[Working plaster sculpture of D.C. French and E.C. Potter Columbian Exposition statue of African American teamster with work horse]

Uncle Ned's school [graphic].

Victoria Court, Australian section - Main Building.

Statue - "Love Blinds".

Agricultural Hall - Nave.

Pennsylvania Day - instantaneous view.

Belmont Avenue