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J. M. Cummings, boots and shoes, removed to our new store, No. 3608 Lancaster Avenue, formerly of 3624 Lancaster Ave.

From Porter's great American shoe store, 242 N. 8th St., Philadelphia.

A. Singer, gent's, ladies', misses' and childrens, fine shoes, 104 N. Second St., Philadelphia.

Peter Schwindt, ladies' and gents' fine shoes, No. 1208 Columbia Avenue, Philadelphia.

Edward Casperson, boot and shoe maker, No. 3647 Woodland Ave. (formerly Darby Road.)

Compliments of Bartlett, 1033 Chestnut St., fine boots and shoes.

Henry S. Bissex boots, shoes, and trunks, 3800 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia.

The largest retail shoe store, Hallahan's, 35 & 37 North 8th Street, cor. Filbert.

The West End Shoe Store, custom work and repairing, Geo. E. Bissex, agt. 3612 Market Street.

Now is the time. 50,000 pairs boots, shoes & gaiters cheaper than ever. : Read the following prices, and judge for yourselves: ... Ladies' and children's shoes of all descriptions at the lowest prices. Gum boots, sea, water, gunning, fishing and ditching

The esthetic drive. 122 North Eighth Street, near Arch, common sense shoemaker, Sylvan Dalsimer, manager.

J. & F. Cadmus, manufacturers and dealers in boots, shoes, trunks and bags, No. 734 Market Street, south side, one door below 8th St. Philadelphia.

[John P. Twaddell trade cards]

[S.D. Sollers & Co. trade cards]

[S. & H. Buckley trade cards]

[St. James Church, Philadelphia, Pa.]

[St. James Church, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic] / M.P. Simons, 1320 Chestnut Street.

I. Knopf, fine shoes, also trunks & valises. 822 Market St. Phila. [graphic].

7201-03-05-07 Frankford Ave. [graphic] / Parker & Mullikin Photographers, P.O. Box 275, Upper Darby, Pa.

Fifth above Arch Street, westside, Philadelphia. [graphic].

5151 Main St. Home of Phil. R. Freas and first office of the Village Telegraph, later Germantown Telegraph.

[Armand Dalsemer trade cards]

Market Street, [above Fourth Street], Philadelphia

Fifth Street above Arch Street, west side. [graphic].

1600 block of Chestnut St., south side looking east. [graphic].

[Laird, Schober & Mitchell trade cards]

[Edwin C. Burt trade cards]

Life in Philadelphia. The new shoes. [graphic] / Designd & drawn by W. Summers; Hunt sculpt.

Grigg Block, North Fourth Street, Philadelphia. [graphic] / W.H. Rease, No. 17 1/2 South Fifth Street.

Grigg Block, North Fourth Street, Philadelphia.