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T. Gorham, carpenter and builder, No. 3852 Lancaster Ave. or No. 3707 Haverford St.

Now is the time. 50,000 pairs boots, shoes & gaiters cheaper than ever. : Read the following prices, and judge for yourselves: ... Ladies' and children's shoes of all descriptions at the lowest prices. Gum boots, sea, water, gunning, fishing and ditching

Ask for P. Cox & Bro.'s fine shoes.

[John P. Twaddell trade cards]

Joseph L. Varnam, ladies' and gents' & children's boot & shoe maker, Bustleton, 23rd ward, Philad'a.

[S.D. Sollers & Co. trade cards]

[Emma Louisa Gutekunst as the "Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe"] [graphic] / F. Gutekunst, Philadelphia.

Norway section - Main Building.

[John Mundell & Co. trade cards]

He dreamt dat from away off thar de angels sent him news. He 'woke and found it was Dunbarr dat sent dem bully shoes; 60 N. Fourth St. Philadelphia.

The City Store, No. 4 Main Street, Spartanburg, S.C., A. Freisleben, proprietor [graphic].

 A "lily footed" woman of China - this outrage against nature has been in vogue 900 years. [graphic].

[Laird, Schober & Mitchell trade cards]

Edwin C. Burt, fine shoes. Presented by Chas. T. Croft, Little Falls, N.Y. [graphic].

Edwin C. Burt, fine shoes [graphic].

The Bijou Music Hall! No. 607 Arch Street, next door below the theatre. The people's favorite place of amusement. : Harry Enochs, sole proprietor Billy Boyd, stage manager J. Nosher, musical director Andrew Enochs, ticket agent Officer, A. Lake ... The ma

Life in Philadelphia. The new shoes. [graphic] / Designd & drawn by W. Summers; Hunt sculpt.