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Volunteers wanted! For Company F, Col. Staunton's regiment, Pennsylvania sharp shooters. : Pay and rations begin when enrolled. Roll open here. Head quarters N.W. cor. Fourth & Walnut. / John J. Gill, 1st Lieut. Geo. B. Laird, 2d " George W. Kite, Captain

Off for Dixie, boys! Take no draft but the bounty draft! Pennsylvania Sharpshooters : Able-bodied and active men wanted for Capt. John F. Preston's company of this crack regiment, Col. Charles R. Doron, commanding Head-quarters at Morris's Quinton Hotel M

We are off for Dixie Pennsylvania sharpshooters! : Under orders from the government. Volunteers wanted for Capt. Paxon's Co. in this crack regiment. As much bounty as any other regiment! / Apply to Wm. Wrigley, Lieutenant and recruiting officer, N.E. cor.

Bucktail Rifle Brigade! : Pay and rations to commence when mustered in! Young and active men wanted! To fill up a company to be attached to this celebrated brigade. Last chance before drafting. / James Kirkman. Recruiting officer. Recruiting office, [blan

Bucktail Rifle Brigade! : A few picked men wanted immediately! For a company in this celebrated brigade. Additional bounty 20 each, in addition to the other bounties of $160 making the entire bounty $180. Don't wait to be drafted! Avail yourselves at once

Bucktail Rifle Brigade! : $160 bounty! Young, active men wanted for this crack brigade of sharpshooters! Now is your chance before drafting! Recruiting office, in Independence Square / Geo. M. Cullen, Capt.

Ho! for the Bucktails! : The only chance offered in Kensington, Richmond, Bridesburg and Frankford to enlist in this famous brigade. This company is attached to the 143d Regiment and to be commanded by Col. L. Wistar [sic], late of the original Bucktails.

Recruits wanted for the Bucktail Rifle Brigade : $160 bounty. Apply at the recruiting office, in Independence Square. / Geo. M. Cullen, Capt.

Bucktail Rifle Brigade! To arms! To arms! : $165 bounty! ... Don't wait to be drafted! A few good men wanted immediately for this brigade. Apply at the Wm. Penn Hotel, Market Street, between 38th and 39th, West Philadelphia. / George H. North, Lieutenant

Attention, volunteers! To arms! To arms! : Able-bodied men wanted to fill up this company for the Bucktail Brigade Enlist at once! Don't be drafted! In addition to all bounties authorized by the government, city, or Citizens' Committee, a separate bounty

1st Pa. Chasseurs! Sharpshooters! : Men equipped, and sent to camp soon as mustered in, at Broad and Germantown R.R. This regiment is attached to the Union League Brigade! / Charles Lespes, Colonel, 402 Ranstead Place. T. Ellwood Zell, Lieut. Colonel, 17

$35 bounty! Fall in boys and get rid of the draft! : by joining Captain V. Marchal's company of the 1st Penn'a Chasseurs Union League Brigade! Six months service! Charles Lespes, Col. T. Ellwood Zell, Lieut. Col. Company head-quarters, 526 Prune St. / V.

Union men, obey your country's call : Wanted--good able-bodied men, to fill a company now recruiting for Col. E.W. Davis's reg't Pennsylvania Bucktails Recruits will receive $25 bounty, and first month's pay in advance, $13 when mustered into the service