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[Hyacinth shrub] [graphic].

[Potted plants on a shaded porch] [graphic].

Red cedar and holly, near Atlantic City, N.J.

Delaware State Building.

Mammoth Grape Vine in Santa Barbara

Massachusetts State Building.

Lansdowne Valley, Bridge and Entrance

Miss Foley's Marble Fountain, Horticultural Hall

Lansdowne Valley

Main Building, from east end.

West Virginia State Building.

Wisconsin State Building.

Illinois State Building.

Mammoth Grape Vine in Santa Barbara

Macdowell, engraver and printer, 1028 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Summer rambles. - Frankford Creek.

Main Building - North side.

View from Catholic Fountain

Pandanus Javanicus Variegates

Horticultural Hall, from Grounds

Horticultural Building - S.E. Forcing Room.

Swedish Schoolhouse.

Iowa State Building.

Horticultural Hall

The Wolves

State buildings, Massachusetts in foreground.

Moranta Zabrina, Floral Hall.

Horti: Hall from Municipal B.

Horti: Hall - East Front

Horticultural Hall - S.E. View

Horticultural Hall from Grounds

Main Building - East end.

Machinery Hall.

Fountain Avenue.

Horticultural Building - S.W. Forcing Room

Indiana State Building.

Main Building - for "Art and Industry".

State buildings from Machinery Hall.

Fountain Avenue.

Maryland State Building.

Horticultural Building - S. E. Forcinf Room - March

Horticultural Hall - for "art and industry".

Fountain Avenue

Swedish School House.

Belmont Avenue.

Machinery Hall.

Memorial Hall.

Mrs. Maxwell's Rocky Mountain Museum Series - Colorado Building

Pacific Guano Company's Pavilio

Memorial Hall.