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Soby, Elizabeth.

Tregomaine, Mrs.

Parker, Dorothy, Mrs.

Linton, Nancy, of Charlestown Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Do not forget to go and hear J.E. Murdoch's great patriotic address! : For the benefit of the sick & wounded soldiers and their families, Thursday eve'ng, Aug. 13 at the Academy of Music!

In aid of the sick and wounded soldiers. : Concert by the Harmonia Musical Society, Musical Fund Hall, Tuesday evening, April 1st, 1862. The Cantata of Ruth, and miscellaneous music will be presented. Tickets fifty cents each.

Academy of Music. Grand Union festival : A patriotic concert will be given under the direction of Carl Gaertner, on Tuesday, May 13th, '62. For the benefit of the sick and wounded soldiers in Kentucky. Tickets, at fifty cents each, for sale at all the pri

Lecture. : "Our glorious country, the United States, foretold in the Holy Scriptures," clearly delinieated, described & located, / by Prof. Strowbridge, chaplain from the United States Army. Proceeds for the sick, wounded and destitute soldiers. The profe

Dr. Browning's C. & C. cordial. For coughs and colds.

[Interior of a medical clinic]

[Incomplete set of "Series C" of "Hidden Book Titles" rebus puzzle card game] [graphic].

Children's fair in aid of the sick & wounded soldiers. : Tickets, five cents

Fair in aid of the sick & wounded soldiers, : will be held in Bromley's Hall, Baker and Mulberry streets, Manayunk, to commence on Tuesday, the 11th of Nov., and continue until Saturday afternoon, the 15th.

[Convalescing children]

Fruit festival for the benefit of disabled soldiers : to be held at Citizens' Hall, Saturday, August 30th, / by the ladies of "The Bethlehem Mite Society." Donations of cakes, fruit, and flowers, will be thankfully received. They can be left at the hall o

Captain A.R. Calhoun will deliver a lecture on "Prison life in the land of chivalry," : on Thursday evening, the 13th inst., at the hall of the "Ladies' Soldiers' Aid," of Weldon, Montgomery Co., in aid of the sick & wounded soldiers. Admission, 25 cts. A

Fun! Fun! Fun! The Soldiers' Ethiopian Troupe! : Will be at [blank] on [blank] eve'ng [blank] '64 This troupe is composed entirely of wounded soldiers! Now is the time to serve your country's defenders. Admission, 25 cents Tickets to be had at the door. D

The Hutchinson Family! "Tribe of Asa," will give a benefit concert for the sick & wounded soldiers : under the care of the Penn Relief Association, at the Spring Garden Institute, corner Broad and Spring Garden Streets, on Friday evening, Jan. 30, 1863, w

[Convalescing children]

[Scraps for the year 1830] [graphic] / Designed etched & published by D.C. Johnston.

Oh! Massa Jeff dis sesesh fever will kill de nigger. [graphic] / [FJB?]

[Scraps no. 3 for 1832] [graphic] / Designed, engraved and published by D.C. Johnston, 19 Water St.

[Collection of billheads of pharmaceutical firms and related businesses, United States and United Kingdom, 1883-1905]