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Incendie du Cap. Révolte général des Nègres. Massacre des Blanca [graphic].

"On to Orleans": the Negro Insurrection [graphic] / L. J. Bridgman.

Revolte sur un bâtiment négrier [graphic].

The humanity of the Africo-Americans [graphic].

A rebel Negro armed & on his guard. [graphic] / Bartolozzi sculpt.

Manner of bush-fighting by the African negroes; Gradation of shades between Europe & Africa. [graphic].

Henry Diaz [graphic].

Insurrection on board a slave ship [graphic] / W.L. Walton, lith.

Amistad captives [graphic].

Writing the Emancipation Proclamation

Free negroes in Haiti



Immediate emancipation illustrated. [graphic]