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Remarks on the slave trade [graphic].

Section of a slave ship [graphic].

Revolte sur un bâtiment négrier [graphic].

La traite des noirs [graphic] / Trichon ; Fath.

A slave-ship [graphic].

African mother on a rock [graphic].

Insurrection on board a slave ship [graphic] / W.L. Walton, lith.

The Africans of the slave bark "Wildfire" [graphic] / M.N.

[Plan and sections of a slave ship]

[Middle passage: instruments of restraint and torture] [graphic].

[Frontispiece for Histoire philosophique et politique] [graphic] / Ch. Eisen del. ; N. Delaunay Sulpt.

Branding a female slave [graphic].

Scene in the hold of the "Blood-Stained Gloria." (Middle Passage) [graphic].

Wreck of the slave ship [graphic].