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A fact with a short commentary [graphic].

The humanity of the Africo-Americans [graphic].

History of the slave, James [graphic].

Southern arguments to stop the mouths of Northern guests [graphic].

What has the North to do with slavery? [graphic].

West India luxury!! [graphic] / J.F.

Another method of fixing the poor victims on a ladder to be flogged, which is also occasionally laid flat on the ground for severer punishment. [graphic].

Douglass wird von Coven gezüchtigt [graphic].

Flogging of the slave girl Juliana, about five or six years of age, in Jamaica, &c. [graphic].

The manner in which slaves are placed to be flogged. [graphic].

How can it be done? [graphic].

A Spanish planter of Porto Rico [graphic] / Stennett, R. del. ; Neele & Son, 325 Strand, sc.

The flogging of females [graphic].

The happy negro. [graphic] / J.F.

West India fashionables. [graphic] : On a visit in style. Taking a ride. / J.F.

A West India sportsman. [graphic] : Make haste with the sangaree Quashie and tell Quaco to drive the birds up to me - I'm ready. / J.F.

The (Fort) Monroe doctrine. [graphic]

The chivalry at the English court. [graphic]

Slaves concealing their master from a search party

Arms of ye confederacie. [graphic] / H.H. Tilley Del. et Sc.

Journey of a slave from plantation to the battlefield. [graphic].

A proslavery incantation scene or Shakespeare improved. [graphic]

A new way of passing a bad Nebraska bill. [graphic] / T. Sinclair's Lith Phila.

John Brown meeting the slave mother and her child on the steps of Charlestown jail on his way to execution.