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Uncle Peter putting the chickens in the window [graphic].

Young Africa.

Barbarous treatment of two unfortunate females [graphic].

[Scene from Northwood, or, life North and South] [graphic] / McLenan, John del ; Orr, J.W., N.Y., sc.

[Chain gang] [graphic].

[Instruments of torture] [graphic].

The bloodhound business [graphic].

Running away [graphic] / Van Ingen - Snyder

[W stands for woman] [graphic].

[X stands for cross] [graphic].

A bold stroke for freedom [graphic] / C.H. Reed.

The brutal whipping of Matt [graphic] / H. Helmick.

Wreck of the slave ship [graphic].

John Brown. Leader of the Harper's Ferry insurrection.

The song of the "contrabands" "O let my people go" : words and music obtained through the Rev. L.C. Lockwood, chaplain of the Contrabands at Fortress Munroe / arranged by Thomas Baker.

Song of the Negro boatmen at Port Royal, 1861. / Poetry by J.G. Whittier, Esq. ; Music by H.T. Merrill, author of "Take your gun and go John."

The works of John Woolman. : In two parts.

Turning the tables on the overseer [graphic].

John Brown exhibiting his hangman. [graphic]

"Your plan and mine." [graphic]

Robert Small, pilot of the steamer Planter, Charleston, S.C.

John Bull makes a discovery. [graphic]

The Declaration of Independence illustrated. [graphic] / Fabronius; Designed by R. Thayer; L. Prang & Co. Lith, Boston.

Uncle Tom and Little Eva.

First meeting of Uncle Tom and Eva.

Véritable extrait de viande Liebig. [graphic] : La case de l'oncle

Worship of the North. [graphic]

The rail candidate. [graphic]

"The nigger" in the woodpile. [graphic]

The national game. Three "outs" and one "run" [graphic] : Abraham winning the ball.

Journey of a slave from plantation to the battlefield. [graphic].

Col. Fremont's last grand exploring expedition in 1856. [graphic] /. For Sale at no. 2 Spruce St. N.Y.

Southern chivalry - argument versus club's. [graphic] /. J.L. Magee, del.

A proslavery incantation scene or Shakespeare improved. [graphic]

The little giant - in the character of the gladiator. [graphic] /. For Sale at 217 Walnut St. Phila.

Lecompton funeral. [graphic] / Hy.

The slavery question: Great prize-fight of the American eagle against the wolf and alligator. [graphic] / WA.

American sympathy and Irish blackguardism. [graphic] / EWC.

The Clay compromise - a settler. [graphic]

Scenes from Uncle Tom's Cabin. No. 1

A new way of passing a bad Nebraska bill. [graphic] / T. Sinclair's Lith Phila.

The Washington family.

Washington birthday greetings [graphic].

Daniel Webster addressing the United States Senate

The dis-united states or the Southern Confederacy. [graphic]

Political "Blondins" crossing Salt River [graphic].

Liberty, the fair maid of Kansas-in the hands of the "Border Ruffians." [graphic].

Slavery as it exists in America : Slavery as it exists in England. [graphic]

The Cincinnati platform, or the way to make a new state in 1856. [graphic]