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Liberty--a power among the nations. No. 4. : Barlow, in the eighth book of his Columbiad, gives a portrait of slavery which every freeman should study. ... New York, June 10, 1861.

Uncle Peter putting the chickens in the window [graphic].

Address of the Legislative Assembly of New Mexico. : manifesto of the Council and House of Representatives to the inhabitants of the Territory of New Mexico.

Bansa oste de Stadt Salvador. Hoost-stadt van het Rijk Congo. = Bansa ou S. Salvador. Capitale de Congo. [graphic] / A Leide, Chez Pierre vander Aa.

Startling record!! The great disunion conspiracy of Massachusetts!!! : Union men must stand by the union, stand by the president, and the army, and the best of governments, against the boasted "Hub of the Universe," the centre of disunion!

Young Africa.

Southern arguments to stop the mouths of Northern guests [graphic].

Southern slavery and the Christian religion. : To the editor of North American and U.S. Gazette ....

Rees, James

Liberty Displaying the Arts and Sciences, or The Genius of America Encouraging the Emancipation of the Blacks

The marriage [graphic] / Manning del ; Hayes, G.H.. sc.

Barbarous treatment of two unfortunate females [graphic].

[Scene from Northwood, or, life North and South] [graphic] / McLenan, John del ; Orr, J.W., N.Y., sc.

"Am I not a man, and a brother?" [graphic].

[Justice and Britannia.] [graphic] / R. Smirke, R. A. pinx. ; Worthington sculp.

Slave barracoons -- burial-ground [graphic] / J.B.Z.

To the laboring classes. : Do you not know by experience that if a man wants to hire a person to do a job of work, that he will hire the one who will work cheapest ....

The works of John Woolman. : In two parts.

Proclamation of Emancipation. By the President of the United States of America. [graphic] / W. Roberts, Del. sc.; C. A. Alvord, Printer.

Butler, Pierce Mease, 1806-1867

D.P. Brown

Chew House, [Cliveden], from drive, [Germantown] [graphic].

The Old Chew House, [Cliveden], Scene of Battle of Germantown 1777 [graphic].

"Old Joseph, the Patriarch" [graphic] / F. Hedge. sc.

[Frontispiece for the Curious Adventures of Captain Stedman] [graphic].

[Chain gang] [graphic].

A bold stroke for freedom [graphic] / C.H. Reed.

[X stands for cross] [graphic].

[W stands for woman] [graphic].

Running away [graphic] / Van Ingen - Snyder

The bloodhound business [graphic].

A Negro festival drawn from nature in the island of St. Vincent [graphic] / From an Original Picture by Agostino Brunyas, in the possession of Sir William Young, Bart., F.R.S. ; Audinet sc.

Joanna [graphic] / Drawn by Capt. Stedman ; Engd. by G.G. Smith.

The husband and wife, after being sold to different purchasers, violently separated, probably never to see each other more [graphic].

Flogging of the slave girl Juliana, about five or six years of age, in Jamaica, &c. [graphic].

The manner in which slaves are placed to be flogged. [graphic].

Modes of punishing slaves [graphic].

The brutal whipping of Matt [graphic] / H. Helmick.

[Instruments of torture] [graphic].

[Punishments for deserters] [graphic].

The mode of training blood hounds in St. Domingo and of exercising them by Chasseurs [graphic] / M. Rainsford del. ; J. Barlow sculpt.

Secession displayed [graphic].

Slave pen on Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga.

New-Jersey Society for promoting the abolition of slavery [certificate]

Abolitionist Philanthropist.