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Ne suis - je pas ton frere? [graphic].

Am I not a man, and a brother [graphic].

[Aunt Judy's husband captured] [graphic].

A narrow escape. [graphic] / Foy sc.

The fugitives [graphic] / J.H. Goater del ; N. Orr Co. sc.

[K stands for kidnapper] [graphic].

[The freeman's defense] [graphic].

The runaway [graphic].

History of the slave, James [graphic].

What has the North to do with slavery? [graphic].

Group of Negroes as imported to be sold for slaves [graphic] / Blake sculpt.

Vue de Ben dans le pays de Cayor près Gorée [graphic].

La traite des noirs [graphic] / Trichon ; Fath.

[B stands for bloodhound] [graphic].

[F stands for fugitives] [graphic].

The successful manhunt [graphic] / Baker-Smith sc.

Eliza crosses the Ohio on the floating ice [graphic] / G. Cruikshank ; W.T. Green sc.

The way they "catch" men in Pennsylvania [graphic].

Desperate conflict in a barn [graphic].

The mother's struggle [graphic].

Scipio hunted, "As men hunt a deer!" [graphic] / G.S ; M. Jackson.

African mother on a rock [graphic].

Shooting scene [graphic].

"Am I not a man, and a brother?" [graphic].

How slavery honors our country's flag [graphic].

[Scenes from Guinea] [graphic].

Insurrection on board a slave ship [graphic] / W.L. Walton, lith.

The slave chain [graphic].

Negres de traite en voyage [graphic] / Buttura del. ; Lalemont sculp.

Les Maures poursuivant les Nègres pour les faires Esclaves [graphic] / G. Brd fme Charost D. xit ; Gravé par Demonchy.

[Thomas Cooper] [graphic].

[Chain gang] [graphic].

[Thomas Cooper] [graphic] / G.L. Brown sc.

A bold stroke for freedom [graphic] / C.H. Reed.

The Christiana tragedy [graphic].

Running away [graphic] / Van Ingen - Snyder

The bloodhound business [graphic].

The runaway slaves, Anthony Burns and Thomas Sims [graphic].

The fugitive slave law in operation [graphic] / A. Bobbett sc.

The poor mother [graphic].

The fugitive's song [graphic] / designed by E.W. Bouvé.

Negro bridge over the Senegal [graphic] / Storer, sc.

[Frontispiece for Histoire philosophique et politique] [graphic] / Ch. Eisen del. ; N. Delaunay Sulpt.

Gang of slaves journeying to be sold in a Southern market [graphic] / W.H. Brooke F.S.A. ; F. Holl.

Slaves taken from an Arab dhow [graphic].

Gang of captives met at Mbame's on their way to Tette [graphic] / J.W. Whymper sc.

Chaine d'esclaves venant de l'interieur [Senegal] [graphic].

African slave trade [graphic] / Felch-Riches.

Slave market scene on the Kambia River, coast of Africa [graphic] / Andrew & Filmer sc.

[Methods and instruments of restraint, plate II] [graphic].