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A Negro hung alive by the ribs to a gallows [graphic] / Blake sculpt.

Do the slaves desire their liberty? [graphic].

Flagellation of a female Samboe slave [graphic] / Blake sculpt.

A female negro slave, with a weight chained to her ancle [sic] [graphic] / Bartolozzi sculpt.

Persecuted virtue [graphic] / G.S.

A typical negro [graphic] / McPherson and Oliver del.

[Whip and paddle] [graphic].

The way they "catch" men in Pennsylvania [graphic].

A slave-ship [graphic].

The cruelties of slavery [graphic].

Scene in the slave pen at Washington [graphic] / Coffin; N. Orr N.Y.

The execution of breaking on the rack [graphic].

[Frontispiece for the Curious Adventures of Captain Stedman] [graphic].

Douglass wird von Coven gezüchtigt [graphic].

[X stands for cross] [graphic].

[W stands for woman] [graphic].

Flogging the Negro. [graphic] / Vanigen - Snyder.

[Middle passage: instruments of restraint and torture] [graphic].

[Mother taken away] [graphic].

A slave caught without a pass [graphic].

Flogging of the slave girl Juliana, about five or six years of age, in Jamaica, &c. [graphic].

The manner in which slaves are placed to be flogged. [graphic].

Another method of fixing the poor victims on a ladder to be flogged, which is also occasionally laid flat on the ground for severer punishment. [graphic].

Slaves taken from an Arab dhow [graphic].

Branding a female slave [graphic].

Scene in the hold of the "Blood-Stained Gloria." (Middle Passage) [graphic].

Whipping with the paddle, as witnessed by the author [graphic].

Modes of punishing slaves [graphic].

The brutal whipping of Matt [graphic] / H. Helmick.

A freeholder's court [graphic] / F.E. Fox sc.

[Instruments of torture] [graphic].

[Punishments for deserters] [graphic].

When slaves are purchased by the planters; they are generally marked on the breast with a red hot iron. [graphic].

The flogging of females [graphic].

[Log-yokes used by the Mandingoes to restrain slaves.] [graphic].

[Slave at work with head-frame] [graphic].