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[Practical slavery and professional liberty] [graphic] / Barralet del. ; Edwin sc.

The runaway [graphic].

Osman [graphic].

Extracts from recent correspondence in relation to fugitives from slavery in America..

A typical negro [graphic] / McPherson and Oliver del.

Journey of a slave from plantation to the battlefield. [graphic].

Here is a picture of some slaves at work. [graphic] : Reward of merit. This may certify that [Mr. George Snow] by diligence and attention to study, merits the approbation of [his] friends and teacher.



The question settled. [graphic] / Geo. Whiting, 87 Fulton St. New York; Phelps & Watson, 18 Beekman St. New York.

First meeting of Uncle Tom and Eva.

You love the contrabands too much

Proclamation of Emancipation. By the President of the United States of America

"No higher law." [graphic] /

Reading the Emancipation Proclamation


Album [graphic].

Afro-American historical family record